Monday, November 24, 2008

Fear of flying...

With small children. Much anxiety. Beforehand, I was worried: Are they congested? Will they nap at all? Will C stay in his seat? Will the baby scream the whole way? Alas, the worries were justified. Although pumped up with anticipation to visit the grandparents, for C, the airplane itself lost its allure soon after the door was shut. He freaked out at the noise when I tried to turn on my air vent, and he threw a major, entire plane-alienating fit. G cried too, mostly because he was tired, but by the time the plane got in motion to take its place in line on the runway (delayed by an electrical glitch), both kids were asleep. Phew.

So now we can settle in and enjoy Northern California for a few days. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Shannon said...

Thank you for stopping by and being human and not a spammer!

I have four kids, but have yet to travel with any of them by plane. I remember traveling with my baby brother from England to Montana with my mom. I was eight and he was one. The trip must have made an impression because I'm 38 and I remember little from my childhood. I remember THIS trip, though. LOL. I think he cried for all of it.

Oh, and OME stands for "Oh MY Edward" for the male character in Twilight.