Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kitty pica (or "The World's most expensive button")

Ever since Frank's collar disappeared several years ago and I found it a week later, in the middle of the living room, surrounded by kitty vomit, I knew Frank had a serious penchant for eating strange things. He especially likes plastic bags (apparently they contain animal bi-products, to which I say: 1) eew and 2) who knew?) and paper towels. So when he threw up his food twice in a row and then puddles of bile, I was very worried. The vet had all kinds of theories going, based on the x-rays. He also incidentally found that Frank has only one (well-functioning, thankfully) kidney. This morning, he had a barium test to see whether he was obstructed (x-ray was inconclusive), and bingo. Exploratory surgery yielded a (very expensive) button. Get well soon, Frank. We can't wait to have him back home Monday. (On the left, with brother Van).

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