Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Want to sit in Mommy's car

Carter usually becomes a little unruly in the later afternoon. I get desperate for ways to keep him busy. Besides "washing the dishes", one of his newer interests is sitting in my car in the garage. At first, he was happy just pretending to drive the steering wheel. Then I started finding things from the center storage space strewn across the car. Easy enough to clean up; worth the effort. But the other day, he really went to town: front and back windshield wipers on, door light off, rear view mirror and steering wheel tilt out of adjustment, and in case all that wasn't enough:
A zoom of the relevant detail:

My parents bought my husband and me a front-loading cd player for the house for our last anniversary, and warned us that the salesman had said that kids like to put coins in the slot. Still, I was surprised by the damage he was able to do. I'll let him explain to Miss J why our familiarity with the Music Together repertoire is lacking this time around. And maybe I'll cave and just learn to love Barney.

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