Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Declawing the baby

So many times I have been scratched, bruised, banged, bitten by one of the kids, and of course it is just par for the course. Nothing major, even though getting whacked in the face by Gavin's helmeted head can smart for a bit. The worst lately is scratching. And it's not because I've fallen behind on his manicures. The kid has my nail growth genes, i.e. very speedy, but I've been good lately about keeping them short. In spite of this, he got me good yesterday, in the face. I knew right after it happened that there would be lasting evidence of the scratch; I could tell it had broken the surface. All today, I have had to walk around with a one-inch scab on my lower right cheek. Not fun! Tonight, he did it again, on my forearm, grasping the skin so tightly that the tips of a few fingers sunk in deep enough I know I will have more fresh scabs tomorrow. I was moaning to myself about it and briefly had the thought of "declawing" him... Obviously won't happen, but the thought of being tickled rather than torn is a pleasant one.

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