Thursday, December 11, 2008

Close enough

When my friend J was here visiting, we went for a walk near the beach. When we came to the steep path that actually leads down to the sand, she expressed an interest in sticking her toe in the ocean. It was too steep for the stroller, so I waited on a bench while she continued down the path. While G and I were waiting, a group of young, foreign tourists walked by, with a "guide." He said, "Are any of you NBA fans? Does the name Kobe Bryant mean anything to you? His house is right up there!" he pointed vaguely up the hill. Fair enough; Kobe does have a house in Newport Coast, although not one you can see from that path, as he sort of suggested. "And do you know Stephen King? He lives here too!" This is when I smiled to myself, rolling my eyes. Last I heard, Stephen King lives in Maine... about as far away as you can get and still be in this country. The guy most likely meant Dean Koontz, who does live in the area. Ah, pesky details.

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