Monday, February 14, 2011

Rain Roulete

"You're so lucky!" These were the words of a friend regarding the fact that C's birthday was in the late spring, and we were able to confidently plan a park birthday party. This friend's girls' birthdays are in January and February.

The youngest's birthday is next weekend. A few weeks ago, when we got serious about planning the party, the weather was gorgeous. A perk of living in Southern California! I thought. We can have a park birthday in February! G got excited about it, invitations were ordered, and away we went. And then we hit the window where the weather sites will start to give you an extended forecast.

Depending on who you ask, there is around a 40% chance of rain on the day for now, give or take. We have a skeletal Plan B, but I am still hoping we don't have to go there. At least G reports that what he is looking to most is the chocolate cake, which will be there, rain or shine.

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