Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Several years ago, my husband and I heard a Sandra Tsing Loh commentary about what she called "treasure chum" -- the useless things that accumulate in the house. The term has proved to be so useful, especially after having kids, that we now just say T.C. We giggled through the skymall magazine during plane rides, marvelling at all the T.C. We wrestled with the challenge of finding appropriate favors for C's third birthday party last summer; "No T.C.!" was our guideline. We opted for personalized cookies.

This past week, I was presented with a new category of T.C.: a menorah that C. made at preschool. I do think it is lovely. But we will never use it. So what am I supposed to do with it? Do I put it in the top of the closet forevermore? Will he be hurt if I chuck it? Is there any way to recycle it? I'm truly conflicted.


Bookluvr said...

Hmmm. I have much similar TC around the house. Often I wait until the kids go to bed and then quietly throw it out. But the menorahs I keep in a box from year to year and take out as decorations around Chanukah. Even if they make new ones every year, I still take out the old ones and put them on ledges - the kids love to look at them and feel nostalgia for "the old days."

Nicole said...

Ooh; I like that idea. Thanks!!

Marrie said...

As the messy art projects and lopsided sculptures and glittered masterpieces began accumulating, we decided to take photos before chucking them.

No, so far, we don't even look at the photos. But I suspect some day, as we find ourselves distanced from this magical time of childhood, we'll look back on them. And she'll probably enjoy seeing pictures of her old work. Keep them, though? No way!