Sunday, April 5, 2009


The headless helmet over there is now just a memory, fading fast. Two days ago, G. and I said our farewells to the outstanding clinician who guided and supported us through the last two helmets. For the first helmet-free day, G's head looked naked without it; I kept taking a second look. And, I would have feelings that maybe the improvements weren't as good as I'd hoped, that his head was still narrow and long, that he might always stand out -- even after surgery and ten months of helmets. But today already, I'm getting over it, starting to focus on more exciting things (walking, talking, music making...) And G., for his part, has shown no signs of regrets about leaving the thing behind. Ciao, clever but cruel contraption!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the both of you!!! You have been incredibly strong throughout the process. And it looks as though my prayers have been answered. May it be smooth sailing from now on.
-Monique Ruiz

Nicole said...

Thanks, Monique! It is fabulous to have this all behind us now.