Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desperate measures

I've been working the food processing wand thingie that I got as a wedding gift years ago. It's coming in quite handy, as I puree up a storm, embracing the vegetable-sneaking tricks endorsed in The Sneaky Chef. It's a commitment, and a scary one (what if I go through all this and C. still won't eat it?), but desperate times, as they they say.

It's off to a rocky start. But still, starting from near-zero, there's plenty of room for improvement. It gives me gratification to see him eat just one bite. I have to be careful, though. The author warns to start off using smaller amounts of the puree and to build up to larger amounts. I made the stuff, I want him to eat as much as possible! my mind screams as I pour. But I don't want my enthusiasm to thwart my efforts. Using a light hand may have been the key to my success adding a hint of carrot/sweet potato spread to his grilled cheese today...

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