Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's funny, what sticks

Yesterday, when I was pushing Carter and Gavin down the sidewalk in Corona del Mar along PCH on the way to get a coffee, we passed two dogs and two women. Both dogs were on a leash. Carter saw them coming and said something about here come two doggies. Then, out of nowhere, I heard Carter screaming. I looked down, and the bulldog had Carter's sweatshirt clamped in his jaw. He let go, but Carter was frantic. I pulled up the sleeve, and there was a minor injury there, but not bad; thank goodness, the sweatshirt was thick. The lady was crushed and apologized, saying her dog just got diagnosed with cancer and was not himself. My main concern was that it would traumatize Carter and he would be afraid of dogs for the rest of his life. (He is a sensitive little guy.) But he hasn't brought it up since. Heard some dogs barking today -- "Doggies barking!" Just as excited about it as always. This, from a kid who took days and days to recover from a trip to the Hyatt in Huntington Beach six weeks ago, where the valet took our car. Days later, he was still comforting himself, "They brought mommy's car back," bringing it up over lunch, when he woke up from a nap, during a diaper change, you name it. But getting bitten by a random dog? No problem, apparently.

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